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          Pag 202  Country agenda (o.v.b.)

          Pag 222  Events international artists (o.v.b.)

          Pag 224  CD releases, december/januari/februari

          Pag 226  Country Music Artists Birthdays December-Januari

          Pag 228  Zoek een website of Facebook pagina van Artiest/Band/Overige

          Pag 234  Amerikaans recept van de maand: Stuffed Turkey
          Pag 235  Voor de allerkleinste onder ons de kleurplaat

                                                Thank you for the wonderful year.

                          From our hearts we wish you great piece of luck and from our minds we
                                                  wish you tremendous success.

                          May the festive spirit will be in your minds and souls all the year round.
                             Wish you and your families be blessed with all the goodness in life.

                                            Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                                                                                       Jan & Kitty Thomassen

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